Let's make our city a better place to visit, shop, relax, work and live

Steering GroupWakefield businesses have joined forces and voted for the establishment of a Business Improvement District (BID) for the city centre. The aim is to help transform the area and lead projects which will create a more enjoyable, vibrant and economically successful city centre. A Business Improvement District (BID) is a defined geographical area, and the businesses within it opt (via a ballot) to pay an additional amount to provide services that they, as a group of businesses, think would benefit the city. The BID company has a maximum term of five years before businesses are balloted again to ask if they would like the BID to continue.

What will it do?

The four core priorities have been established. The BID's projects will focus around these four themes:

--> Lively and well promoted

--> Smart and attractive

--> Welcoming and accessible

--> A great place to do business

The aim of all BID projects will be to make Wakefield City Centre a better place to visit, shop, relax, work and live. A better city centre means a better trading environment and more prosperity for our city, our businesses and our residents.

What will it cost?

The levy criteria is set for properties over £12,000 rateable value, with exemptions for certain properties - including empty properties. The levy is 1.25%. Those under a RV of £12,000 would not pay a levy (or have a vote). For those who do pay, it amounts to just a few pounds each week in return for some excellent benefits. It has been estimated that the BID will generate circa £300,000 p/a and there would be strong emphasis to attract and influence additional funding to maximise value for money for levy payers.

Who runs the BID? Is it the Council?

No - the BID is independent of Wakefield Council. The BID an independent company led by a board from the local business community. They represent local businesses (large and small) as well as industry groups, community organisations, culture and the voluntary sectors from across the city centre. We can no longer rely on the local authority to do everything in our city - we, as businesses, need to take the lead. Plus, as an independent entity, we have the ability to fund our own projects, as well as influence other key projects that are being delivered by organisations like Wakefield Council and other key partners. The BID also has the opportunity to bid for match funding to levy additional funds and drive the best possible value for levy payers.

What next?

In February 2017, Wakefield city centre businesses voted YES to a BID being formed. A BID company was then formed with a board appointed and BID manager in place. It's an exciting time for Wakefield city centre and our businesses.

2017/18 report

Please see this document which contains the annual report for the BID's first year.

Download the 2017/18 annual report

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Wakefied BID board members are all active local WF1 business people.