Partnership approach to tidying up Wakefield

Friday 20th October 2017

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As part of our business plan, we've teamed up with Wakefield Council and West Yorkshire Police in a bid to smarten up the city centre.

To do so, we pulled together a group of 17 to carry out an environmental mapping exercise. This involved walking along all the roads in the city centre identifying the positives and highlighting problem areas relating to the environment, anti-social behaviour or police related issues.

Wakefield BID manager Elizabeth Murphy explained the purpose of the exercise was to take a thorough collective look at the area, make note of any problems and work out a plan of action to rectify them.

“Wakefield has the potential to be an exciting, thriving city centre but, like many urban areas, it has its issues. Businesses in Wakefield are no longer willing to tolerate these and are getting together, through Wakefield BID, to tackle them head on with the support of Wakefield Council and West Yorkshire Police.”

She added: “The environmental walk-about went very well and although we have a long list of actions, people have taken ownership of them and we hope to be making a positive impact very soon.”

Inspector Helen Brear from West Yorkshire Police has been involved previously in successful environmental mapping and said she was looking forward to working in partnership with local businesses to improve Wakefield City Centre for both the day and night economies.

“There are clear benefits for all in terms of making improvements. The BID has been pivotal in making sure this happens and I am really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in the short and medium term,” she commented.

BID Director Andy Shearwood, from Wilkos, said the aim was to improve the environment of Wakefield City Centre as a whole. “A lot of people see the nice areas of Wakefield but we want to encourage them to go beyond these and frequent the whole of the city centre. The idea of the walk-about was to get representatives from the police and council on board and for everyone to see what needs to be done in these areas.”